Monday, June 9, 2014

Josie May

Josie's first day home...27 May.
She stayed in the basket for the longest time
watching the birds and chipmunks.

Day two and she seemed very comfy. Getting her used to
one room at a time.
(she was recovering from surgery)

We opened the couch so we could spend the nights
with her.

She loves all kinds of baskets...and we have plenty of them
which our other cats had enjoyed.

First day upstairs, June 1st...and she slept on our bed.

Josie jumped down into the stair window...

In the early morning she had jumped up to the bedroom
window to watch birds fly by...

D was delighted that she snuggled up on a pillow on his lap.

Here she is among the others adopted around the same time
from the Animal Shelter:

After we made the decision to adopt her, a staff member
 placed a red collar on her.
She had to stay at the shelter few days before
we could bring her home.
Though she's only been here nearly
2 weeks we feel like we've known her
so much longer.  She continues to surprise us
with her sweet and unique personality.

So lovely....