Saturday, July 24, 2010

Magical Hummingbird

Early Friday evening I was thinking
that I needed to see the hummingbird...
had been a while since we saw each other!
I went to the spot where I had seen them
last September...heard the humming sound
and there it was!


Lynne said...

The boys spotted one on our back patio just yesterday. We seem to have one stop by a few times every summer. Always a magical sight for us too!

Lori ann said...

So pretty! i love them, darting in and out of the garden.

Victoria said...

You're lucky! Here in the California mountains we haven't seen any this year, not even at the garden centers where they are usually abundant.

I can't remember if I've commented on your blog before, so in case I haven't, I just wanted to say you have a lovely one. I really enjoy reading about your cats and the chipmunks and birds. And your artwork is beautiful!

Nan and =^..^= said...

I thank you all for your comments...

Hi Lynne,
It's nearly a week later and today was another hummingbird day... will share them soon. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Lori ann,
I love them, too... it always feels magical when they appear.

Thanks for your comment! We were worried about the hummingbirds this year and were so thankful to see that they made the long we'll worry about them on their return flight.