Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ellie May and the Baby Doves

Was a lovely day for Ellie May to spend the
afternoon on her porch at the studio...
Just opposite her in a nest at the top of the
arbor on the side of our house were 2 adorable
baby doves.
All day long I kept peeking in on them.

I've been worried about them for it is already
October and I am hoping the weather will
continue to be nice enough to give them the
time they need to grow and fly!


Victoria said...

Darling photos! I'm hoping the weather cooperates also so they can grow up and thrive.

It seems as though the weather everywhere has the animals confused; one of my ferals that I feed (but am unable to trap and tame) gave birth to baby kittens about a month ago. I just saw the kittens late in the season for birds and animals to be having babies! :(

Nan and =^..^= said...

Thanks Victoria,
I also think the weather is very confusing for the animals and birds...
It is late for them to be having babies!
Yesterday, Tuesday, when I looked up into the nest it was empty!
Our yard is mostly gardens and very difficult to see anything in. They especially blended in but I did spot them several times. I hope they found a safe place for the night.