Saturday, May 19, 2012


What a delightful surprise to spot the hummingbird
who blended in so well with the leaves in the tall
wild cherry tree.

Another surprise, glancing out the window at the
moment this catbird stopped to rest!

Loved noticing the shadow of the butterfly on the 

About to step into the porch when this chipmunk caught
my never knows where they will appear!

On our evening walk last night we heard strange
calls coming from the birds in the ocean...
an unusual laughing sound not like the usual
call of the seagull.
They were Laughing Gulls so appropriately named.
It sure did sound like laughter!
Towards the end of our walk
an Black-crowned Night Heron flew 
overhead  away from the
So magical every time we see them.
To our great surprise, D noticed it 
had landed in a little inlet on our
way home.

To be able to observe nature is
so very uplifting and inspiring.

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