Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning, Noon and Night Cats

It's always nice to be able to start the day with a
smile and Friday morning started out with a cat under a hat!

The afternoon brought Polly to the breezy porch...
so whenever I went back and forth from the studio to
the house I was greeted by sweet Polly.

Working at night in my studio, Ellie May snuggled
in close in her comfy basket...we kept each other company.

Cats sure do bring great joy, company, comfort and humor!


quiltcat said...

Brody put his own personal twist on the "cat in the hat" story *g*. All such sweet and lovable kitties!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Great photos, Nan. All my cats are very good, like yours--except Toby. Toby would have torn the hat to tatters. What a heathen he is. Sometimes I wonder if he will ever grow up and learn some manners.

Purple Flowers said...

Great photos! They all have their own special personalities - so cute. I love the hat photo.