Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Surprise in the Sky

We were riding home this afternoon
when D spotted a flock of Canada Geese
flying over the road from the cove.
I missed seeing them but as I glanced
out of my window, I saw a large dark winged
bird gliding by... not realizing just what it was.
D looked over and exclaimed,
"That's an eagle!"
He quickly pulled over and I hurried out of the
car and somehow managed to get several photos
and here is one...

Have you ever seen eagles in your
It was very exciting!


Lori ann said...

fantastic! what a sighting! how great you were able to capture that stunning photo!
we do have eagles here too, sometimes we see them out at our channel islands. so majestic!
x lori

Nathalie said...

No eagles in my area (London, UK), you have to go much further north...

Nan and =^..^= said...

Lori ann and Nathalie,
I'm still thinking about that eagle...
it wasn't there for very long and it was amazing that we happened to be there at that moment and look up as he was flying overhead.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Nan, doesn't it give you a little thrill to see them? The Bald Eagles are coming back in our area, along the rivers anyway.

Judy Hartman said...

What a great shot!
I don't think I've ever seen an eagle around here. I think it was serendipity that you happened to be in the right place at the right time!

Nan and =^..^= said...

We were so thrilled to see that eagle and before we knew it, it was out of sight!

Judy H,
Thanks and it sure did seem like serendipity!