Friday, February 5, 2010

What a Helper!

Brody loves to be as close as possible when I happen
to be using the computer in the house.
I love having him near but it did make it difficult
to move the trackball mouse while his head was on it!


quiltcat said...

That Brody is so cute! My computer desk is too small for the kitties to lay on it, especially when the keyboard tray is pulled Fuzzy sits on my lap, with his upper body on the desk and his head on the back my left hand...the mouse hand moves too much to be a comfortable pillow. He'd appreciate a track ball *g*.

Linda said...

Brody is my kind of cat. I love cats that walk across your keyboard and rub their head under your nose to make you sneeze.

Nan and =^..^= said...

The desk that Brody is on is plywood and has a big surface though a good portion is taken up with plants but he finds a spot as close to me as he can get! Isn't Fuzzy something...he has figured it out for the most comfort!

Ah, Brody is definitely your kind of cat. He does exactly what you described! How he loves to tilt his head and rub against my face so I can't see the computer screen! I do love his affection. Just makes me smile thinking of him. Do you have cats?