Saturday, May 22, 2010

Magical Moments

The first hummingbird appeared in our garden this afternoon...
it was a magical moment...
the male ruby throated hummingbird
flew by just as I was in deep though about someone dear...
Had been concerned about the hummingbirds and hoping
that they had a safe journey North.
Then I saw the her, another hummingbird drinking
from the blue comfrey flowers.

The mourning doves have built another nest
on the other side of our house in another arbor.

The Chickadee gathering strands of rope
to line a nest...

When I took a walk later in the day saw the terns fishing!

Also saw a young cedar waxwing.

Saturday was a such beautiful day for birds...


Karen L R said...

In Vermont, last weekend, Henry and I spotted a hummingbird perched on a branch in our blossoming crab apple. I had never seen one sitting still before! This is a great time of year to spot all kinds of birds, coming and going, building nests and eating bugs!

Love your photos, as usual!

JC said...

I saw a hummingbird the other day but didn't have my camera with me. How the heck did you get a photo ?

And a Cedar Waxwing .. I'm off to look that one up ...

Nan and =^..^= said...

Karen LR,
It's reassuring to hear that you and Henry had seen a hummingbird last weekend. That must have been a beautiful sight...I've seen them resting which is really helpful when taking photos! I'm enjoying seeing all of the bird activity so much!

Am glad to hear that you also saw a hummingbird...we have the Ruby throated you get different kinds?
I was so lucky to have my camera with me when the hummingbird appeared...the timing was just right!