Tuesday, August 17, 2010


For some time now,
every time I go down the path to my studio,
I've been peering up into our trellis attached to the house
for a glimpse of a mother Mourning Dove and her baby.
I have to find just the right angle in order to see them for they
are very well hidden.

At first I thought there was just one baby and then I saw

Yesterday one baby appeared on the ledge with mom
while the other remained in the nest.

Next time I looked

all three were together on the ledge!

Maybe they are getting ready to fly away...

They sure have touched my heart!


Victoria said...

Those are wonderful photos, Nan! I wish we had Mourning Doves out here, I love their voices.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Thanks Victoria,
It's now Weds. am. and I can hear the Mourning Doves calling...as I was on my way to the studio to bring Ellie May (my studio cat) her breakfast, I stopped suddenly for there were the baby doves sitting on the brick pathway...the Mom was further down the path facing them. I hope they will stay safe! I quickly turned around!

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