Sunday, October 19, 2008

Early Morning with Brody

This morning as I was about to post here,
Brody, our "Ginger" cat pulled up a chair beside my
computer in the house. He was ready for his photo shoot!

The three cats who live at Maine Memories all have
their own abodes, so to speak.
Ellie May, the artist cat, resides in the art studio/gallery
in the garden beside the main house. She used to have her own
gallery near the sea but now she and N share the little studio that
D built, just a few miles up the river from the quaint
seacoast tourist town.

Polly, the computer cat, lives downstairs in the house, while
Brody has his apartment upstairs. When Brody was adopted
from the Shelter about 4 years ago and met Polly who is 10 years
his senior, we thought he was admiring her. He always tried to sit
within view of her and we thought he was gazing at her with
adoring eyes. What we didn't realize was he was stalking her, waiting
for her to move so he could chase her. Needless to say, she was
terrified of him and after being ambushed a few times, she was
reluctant to leave the safety of her basket. That's when they
became the upstairs/downstairs cats. They can be in the same room
as long as Polly doesn't leave her basket for as soon as she is up and
about she becomes something to chase in Brody's eyes.
Dave made screen doors inside the house to keep them apart
when they are on the same level and can't be chaperoned!
I know of people who have many pets that all get along. I am
thinking of We Three Cats in Wales. They are amazing!
If you have multiple pets, how do they get along?

This adorable dog greeted us from the
window of his parked car as we pulled in beside
him in
a parking lot at the Bakery this afternoon.

As I was walking by Polly late this afternoon
I suddenly stopped in my was
magic light time and Polly was bathed in golden
. A favorite time of the day.

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The Ginger Darlings said...

We all get along just fine here, though Kiffer is the puppy's favorite cat and we have had to work very hard to train the puppy to have good manners.
Now we know why Kiff has been trying so hard to get into Her studio. He has obviously been looking at your blog.
Love from Jackie and the gingercats