Friday, October 24, 2008

The Red Squirrels Day Two

Early this morning I spotted a baby red squirrel
near their cage that is out in the backyard
(they didn't sleep in it last night).
I was so relieved they survived their first night
on their own.

We're following Lisa's instructions about how
to return them to
nature and hopefully their
squirrel instincts will take over. Today they
were here, there and everywhere and I was a
bit nervous that they would run up my leg.

One of them was looking in the screen door of
my studio and climbed right to the top and jumped
into an empty hanging flower basket.

They are very trusting of people and probably
animals and must learn to protect themselves from
the dangers in nature. So we are trying to distance
ourselves and make clanging sounds if they should
approach us.

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