Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Keep Warm in an Ice Storm

Polly, Ellie May and Brody found themselves

in a house and studio that was becoming
colder and colder when the power went out
during an Ice Storm on Friday and Saturday, the
12th and 13th of December. As the temperatures
outside plunged into the teens and low 20's,
they made the best of a cold situation.
Here's their advice.

Curl up in a cozy basket.

Wear many layers of warm clothing.

Surround yourself in an especially soft warm blanket.

When the power returns, get as close
as possible to the heat source.
In this case, Ellie May advises sitting
right on the heater!


quiltcat said...

smart kitties!! I'm so glad you've got your electricity back...they were saying on NPR tonight that some people in New England won't get it back before the weekend!

Buskitten said...

Wow Nan! That sounds cold! Brrrr! And I think we have cold weather here - us British are wusses weather wise...we're always complaining and commenting on it! Everywhere we go, we do it! It's so funny when you find yourself doing it!
Pusscats have got the right idea - they are all so beautiful and photogenic, your lot! They are like the cat version of Vouge!
Nice to see you back, and I posted a wee message for you underneath, Nan, about buying a print.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Nan, I love seeing your cats. Being without power in an icestorm is frightening. You never know how long it will last or if your home might be damaged due to feezeing pipes, etc.

We expect some kind of mixed snow/ice storm Thursday. I'm hoping for more snow than ice.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Quiltcat, Liz and Marnie,
Thanks so much for writing! I'm having trouble keeping up with things since the ice storm. After midnight tonight it is supposed to snow and then sometime tomorrow it may turn into sleet along the coast. That worries me, hope it's not a repeat. There's still probably weakened trees and branches that didn't come down during the last storm but may during this. We'll see what tomorrow brings!
Hope you all stay warm and safe!

Kim said...

Aaaah, cats know the best way to stay warm :)

Kim x

Q said...

Dear Nan,
I am so happy to meet you!
Your Kitties are smart! I stay near my space heaters all the time and wear silk long underwear.
Glad your power is back on.
Do stay warm and so very cozy. A snow storm is on it's way to my house with temps dropping again to 5 degrees...
My birds are are having lots of suet and nuts.
Hope you and yours have a Happy Christmas. Looking forward to 2009 and getting to know you bettrr.