Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tiddles Too aka Ginger the Cat

quiltcat had a post about cats and books which reminded
me of Ginger aka Tiddles Too, a calico cat with a double
identity in the seacoast town of Kennebunkport in the late 1980's.

The Kennebunk Book Port was a
popular bookshop above a Candle Shop
in Kennebunkport run by Jack and Shirley.
Their welcome sign on the door read as
'ice cream, children, bare feet, long hair, no hair,
cats, dogs and small dragons are welcomed here

They loved cats and over the years there was a
succession of cats adopted from the shelter or strays
that called the Book Port home.
Georgie was a beautiful long haired cat who was adopted
and Jack thought she would love a companion so off he
went to the shelter returning with Ginger who had a bad
reputation for not getting along with others.
Georgie and Ginger became best buddies.

"Georgie" on the steps of the
Book Port's loft.

Ginger on the flowered deck of the
Kennebunk Book Port.

When Georgie suddenly passed away,
Ginger was terribly sad so Jack introduced
another Shelter cat to the Book Port.
Ginger was out at the time of the arrival of the
kitten and was horrified when she returned to find
a strange cat in her domain. She exited
not to return for a long time. There were sitings
of her at the Post Office, and Hotels and other
spots in Dock Square. Occasionally she would
appear at the Book Port for something to eat and
then disappear.

The South Congregational Church
was near the Post Office in Kennebunkport.
It seems that
Ginger found the comfort she needed
at the church. The Reverend named her Tiddles Too
(after a famous Church cat in England)
and she became a part of the congregation,
regularly attending services and weddings.
Jack's curiosity was peaked when he got a
newsletter from the Church with an article and
photo of their Church Cat named Tiddles Too.
My how she resembled Ginger!

There are many amazing stories out there.
Cats have a way of adding so much to one's life, a neighborhood
or community. I have more stories about such things, do you?


quiltcat said...

Lovely story, and beautiful drawings! this definitely has the makings of a picture book. It's too bad that things didn't work out better at "home" for Ginger...she must have really felt betrayed when she found a stranger in her home...but it's nice that she was resourceful and found another good home at the church.

Many of my cats have wandered in from elsewhere...i thought Louie and his brother Pierre for sure were strays when their skinny little boy cat selves showed up on my doorstep. I was quite sure they were strays because they were so hungry and had not been neutered. I started feeding them; they hung around. I took them to the vet to be tested for feline leukemia and to be neutered. A week after that, someone from over on the next bloc showed up asking if anyone had seen "her" cats...seems they had come home with a shaved spot on their necks and then gone off again and she wondered if someone were practicing satanic rituals on them. (Mind you, she didn't notice that they'd been neutered!!)

Nan and =^..^= said...

quiltcat, thanks!
I loved the story of how Louie and Pierre came to live with you and the description of the woman who was looking for them made me laugh! Wow!
best, Nan

Roses and Lilacs said...

That was a nice story! Cats have strong opinions. You have to respect them for that even tho their opinions sometimes get crosswise of our own;)