Monday, April 6, 2009

Nephew and Niece Dogs in Connecticut

Every Sunday night, one of my sisters makes
a family dinner for whoever can make
it and it includes the pets.
There's usually all of her family and
4 dogs and my parents love to go.
It's wonderful to be surrounded by
the family with delicious food and
a warm cozy atmosphere.

We were talking about how wonderful
it is to have pets in your life, their constant
love and companionship is a comfort and
they help in so many ways.

It takes place at Sugar's house.

Here's Gus !

Jet and Marge...

Marge was a puppy when I was here
last time and she has grown quite a bit!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Looks like the dogs get along well.

It wouldn't work at my sisters house. Her dogs are bullies;)

quiltcat said...

Marge looks like she's part golden lab? How nice to have a lovely family gathering including the pup dogs! I have a new backyard neighbor, an older lady with a rescue dog whose name is Bootsie...part dachshund and part question mark...I think they'll be very good neighbors.

Judy Hartman said...

Funny to see dogs on your blog, but they are lovely! Also loved the photos of your kitties on your last post!

Karen L R said...

Great pictures of your family pooches! And such fun that they are included in the family gatherings. What are your kitties at home up to while you are away?

Nan and =^..^= said...

My sister's dog Sugar, and niece's dogs Jet and Gus, and my nephew's dog Marge are like children! They all have different's fascinating to see them together.

Marge does seem to be part golden...she's very rambunctious and wants to kiss the others. Some of the bigger dogs are afraid of her.

It's funny for me to be around so many big dogs...I'm so used to cats!
They are a loveable bunch!

Karen LR,
They are really such a part of the family and are included in everything.
My husband is home with the kitties
trying to give everyone enough attention.
He gave me a ride halfway and one of my sister's and her family met me and gave me a ride to my parents home. it's Monday, early afternoon and raining so hard here..think we may be hearing thunder!

Karen L R said...

Yes, we live in SW CT and it's been pouring buckets all day long. Not much fun for my daughter Gretta's "senior skip day". A few kids ended up here for a while, with guitars...