Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Outdoor and Indoor Cats

Kita Cat paid a visit to our yard yesterday morning
and supervised my husband's work in the garden.
You can see her at work if you click here.

Thinking she had gone back to her home in the
horse barn across the way, D was surprised when he
noticed her in the late afternoon sleeping on our
compost bin.

Later on as D was working, he felt something tugging
on the twine...sure enough it was Kita.

Ellie May looked so dreamy in her basket on
the porch. Though it was chilly, the sun
streaming in kept her toasty warm.


quiltcat said...

Ellie May looks so very comfortable! Kitties love that combination of cool air and warm sun. And Kita looks sweet and comfortable in the sun in your garden.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Gardens must have cats, they are as necessary as blooms. Lately I've had to keep Toby inside because he is much too good a hunter. Very soon he will have to begin going out again because the rodents are getting too numerous.

Kita must feel some warmth from the compost pile. My Miss B used to sleep on the composting grass because it was always warm.

Nan and =^..^= said...

at first I didn't even notice Ellie May over in the corner, she did have the sweetest expression. Kita was totally relaxed out there!

Cats really do keep the rodents in check. Our big orange cat, Pumpkin, was an indoor/outdoor cat who loved the garden and hunting. When we lost him, D noticed how the rodent population soared!