Friday, May 15, 2009

A Sunny Day

Yesterday was cloudy and cool and we were
very worried about our dear Polly...
she seemed ill.
She slept all day and didn't eat
which is very uncharacteristic of her.

This morning I was so relieved to see her
greet me for her breakfast.
She went out on the back porch and when I
peeked out to see what she was up to, I was
touched to see her in a basket in the sunshine.

Perhaps she was being entertained by all of the
chipmunks we have running through the
garden this year and doing very funny things.


quiltcat said...

I do hope Polly is o.k.! that's certainly worrisome behavior. How cute those chipmunks are!

oldcrow61 said...

Polly looks very contented in the basket. Hope she is okay. Those chipmunks are so cute.

abby jenkins said...

I love that basket and am happy to hear that Polly is feeling better...someone has to keep those chipmunks in line!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi quiltcat, oldcrow61, and abby jenkins,
Thanks so much for your concern about Polly. Thursday was very nerve-wracking but she has seemed fine since Friday. We are thinking that maybe she accidentally ate an ant and it upset her stomach...