Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sorting Out the Bookcase

It's a dark rainy day and it seemed like
a good idea to tackle the bookcase, that
hasn't been sorted out in quite a long time!
I find it amazing how much I have managed
to jam into the long process of
sorting it out and perhaps discarding something,
so hard for me to do for I am a saver!
Brody has managed to find a good spot to sit on
as I sort. He's actually hoping to find some plastic
in this mess for he loves to eat plastic and we are
trying to be very diligent and hide all remnants of
any kind of plastic from him. He's a plastic sniffing cat
and sometimes manages to get by us!
I'm already tired just looking at all of this!


Roses and Lilacs said...

I have put off cleaning my bookcases for a long, long time. I say to myself, this will be a good job for a cold winter day. I'm an avid reader and my shelves are stuffed to overflowing with books that need to be sorted by subject and author. Soon;) In the meantime, keep the door shut and don't look in there.

quiltcat said...

I'm sorry to say that's what my whole house looks like...piles of books on the coffee table, the couch, the cat carrier...enormous piles of paper on the kitchen table...piles of totebags full of fabric and projects on the floor...the only thing halfway neat are the bookshelves!

Judy Hartman said...

That is exactly how I would go about it!
I have yet to clean out my bookcases, but you are inspiring me, Nan. Of course Brody has to be right there - he must supervise the process!

Nan and =^..^= said...

I just cleaned 2 shelves in a little bookcase and it took me all morning!
A cold winter day would be a nice time to do it...and I have more!

I'm with you, I have piles of things everywhere, too! It does feel good to tackle one little area...doesn't always last that long before it starts to fill up again!

Judy Hartman,
Reading your blog when you reorganized your studio inspired me!
I only managed a small bookcase in the house.
Part of my studio really needs some organization! It's always helpful to have a cat supervisor!

Buskitten said...

Hi Nan! Long time, no see (blog!) Great to see brody in the middle of all that stuff! Ours do exactly the smae, and I can never hoover if they're sitting in 'stuff', as they hate the hoover! Good excuse not to do any housework, isn't it?!