Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Morning with Polly and Brody

Polly loves her Dad and is happiest when she
is sitting beside him or on his lap...she has the
most adoring expressions when she gazes up at him.

Since Polly and Brody can't be trusted in the
same room alone, we have devised a system of
screen doors inside our house. It can become
confusing sometimes as to which cat is behind
which door!

Brody is anxious to enter the room where we
all happen to be this morning as he scratches
at the plastic grate to get our attention and that
is a sound we cannot ignore!

When Polly moves to the other room for
a nap, Brody can take over the couch!
He has a new favorite yellow mouse
which he carries and bats around like a
soccer ball!

1 comment:

quiltcat said...

Polly's "love eyes" at her Dad are adorable. I can just hear Brody plucking at the screen door...and what a cute teddy bear shot of him on the couch!