Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Meditation

In the window of a beautiful old home on
Summer Street in Kennebunk, Maine
I happened to notice this beautiful little cat.
She looked like a little princess.

While I was taking photos of this kitty through
our car window, I felt something on the top of my
head. It was so subtle, I thought perhaps I imagined
it. Decided to ask my husband who was in the
driver's seat if there was something on my head.
When he checked he was stunned to see that
a bumble bee had landed on my head!
How did it get there? Was such a cold day...

Meanwhile, at home, our cat Brody was in
deep meditation, happy to be inside a warm home
on this chilly day.


Purple Flowers said...

Brody is such a handsome cat. And so is the one in the window. I love to see cats looking out the window. They look so peaceful.

quiltcat said...

Brody looks like a wonderful loaf of pumpkin bread rising...and the little girl kitty does indeed look like a princess looking out her castle window.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Purple Flowers, thanks! There is something special about discovering a little animal face in a window!

love your descriptions of Brody and the little kitty!