Friday, February 20, 2009

Cat Entertainment

Brody is quite funny!

Polly has a good vantage point to enjoy
Brody's antics.

Brody's catnip mouse is attached
to the chair which not only provides
entertainment for Brody but also for
his audience.

How do your cats or dogs make you


quiltcat said...

Interesting sequence! And how cute that it begins with him posed in front of one of his portraits. My guys have fun with toys, but they especially make me smile when they play with each other like very overgrown kittens.

Buskitten said...

Heehee! Love cat entertainment, it's better than the tv, that's for sure! We only have one cat that likes toys, that's Magic - Bob and Bacon tend to prefer hunting furry things - yuk!

Parker said...

Brody is quite the handsome boy! I love his freckles!

Nan and =^..^= said...

quiltcat, I miss seeing cats play with each other since ours don't enjoy playing because they are fearful of each other.
Polly was a tiny kitten when she came to be part of our family and we had adopted our first ginger kitty, Pumpkin aka Bob. Since they were both kittens they bonded. Oh, were they ever funny. I have so many photos of them that still bring smiles. Maybe I will post some soon!

Buskitten, Ellie May really isn't into catnip or toys, while Polly and Brody have some favorite toys.
They are expert bug hunters. Brody can catch a mosquito between his paws! He notices the tiniest insect and we just follow his early warning system for biting insects!

thanks so much for the compliment about Brody! He does have freckly nose!

best wishes,
Nan and Ellie May, Polly and Brody