Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Cat Tale

I was just talking to a friend whose cat has been waking her
up at 6 am. on the weekend when she would love to in sleep late.
What "Stovie" the cat does is hop onto her bed, stand behind her
head, and tap her hair and when that doesn't work, the prickly
little claws tap her head. He is very persistent and will not stop
until she gets up!
What to do, Lynda got a brilliant idea.
She thought of putting a mixing bowl on her head, but she only
had glass bowls. She did have a plastic green colander which
she brought to bed.
When the tapping was about to occur she slid the colander over her
head....Hmmmmm, Stovie was puzzled...paused a moment and reached
around the side of the colander, Lynda kept sliding the colander over
trying to keep one step (or paw as the case may be) ahead of Stovie.
Stovie gave up briefly and Lynda fell asleep for hours with a colander
on her head. Next morning, Stovie was back and so was the
colander, but now Stovie tried a new tactic, reaching around and
tapping her jaw. Lynda, finally resorted to closing him out in the hall!
Oh, how could she...he started howling! So tired, the howling didn't
phase Lynda as she dozed off with the colander still on her head.
Do you have creative ways of outwitting your pet when they are the


Buskitten said...

What a great story, Nan! It made me laugh so much! Ours do the same, just gently, though, but it's still anoying when you're in a deep and cosy sleep....
We are complete suckers in our house, as the cats all come first! There's nowhere they aren't allowed to go; they sleep where ever they want, and they get fresh chicken cooked for them and chopped up into tiny pieces!They eat better than we do!
Suckers dot com!
You gotta laugh!

quiltcat said...

What a funny story, Nan! Picturing an unsuspecting house guest walking in to see your friend sleeping with a colander on her head...*lol*. Like Liz's cats, mine are completely spoiled and can sleep wherever they want (in fact, when Louie was very ill and had to be isolated, he got my bedroom, because i knew that he would feel better much faster if he could sleep in my comforting bed during the day and on me at night. Of course then i had to cover the bed with a shower curtain because he was leaking urine...)

I've read that giving in to cats is not a good idea 'cause then they realize the "annoying" behavior gets them exactly what they wanted, like being fed at 6 a.m. Luckily for me, my cats would rather cuddle on the weekends than have breakfast at 5:30 a.m. which is when they get fed during the week (dry food is out all the time anyhow).

Nan and =^..^= said...

Buskitten Liz and quiltcat,
So nice to hear about your cats, it's so fascinating to compare notes, you know we are the same way with ours...
we do everything to make sure they are comfy and do the craziest things sometimes to accommodate them. In my little room upstairs in the house where I mostly use the computer, there is a giant box that Brody liked when he first came to live with us 4 years ago. It takes up most of the floor space...he likes to get a running start and jump on it and slide it across the floor, slide down it or hide inside. I don't have the heart to take it away so there it stays all these years making a small room feel even smaller.
Tiger, who you saw in the previous post tries to get my sister and her husband up in the middle of the night. She's tried jumping on their bed like a trampoline and knocking things off of bureaus and she has also been know to stretch as far as she can to turn the light switch on!
Have any more stories?
thanks so much for writing!

quiltcat said...

Hi Nan. That's so funny about the box, because i've got a small, cluttered house, and there's a big box in the living room that the cats immediately took over when a scratching post arrived in it years ago. The scratching post is long gone (peed on by Gingy) and the company that sold it is even out of business, but the box remains as a favorite cave and place to run in and out of! There was a second large box that they liked, too, but i had to take it away when i had my bathroom repaired...the workmen were having trouble getting in and out of the house!

That Tiger sounds like a real mischief! (maybe she needs a little furry brother or sister to occupy her???)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!