Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Polly's Baskets

Polly came to live with us as an
8 week old kitten... she was so tiny she

could fit in the palm of your hand and
also in a very small basket!
Since that time she has always loved
baskets and I have loved painting her
in them!
You can see more about Polly and the other
dear ones here.


quiltcat said...

awwwwwwww baby kitten! snuggle snuggle smooch! amazing how such a tiny little one could grow into a big grownup kitty...but you can already see the round shape of her face that she still has. I was trying to think what kind of cat she reminds me of, because that shape is so just came to me, British short hairs!

Nan and =^..^= said...

Quiltcat, yes, I think your right, she does seem to have some British shorthair in her. Her Mom is actually Ellie May, my studio cat. A long story but to abbreviate it...Ellie May lived with a couple in an apartment above our gallery (when it was in a real shop) a few miles from our home in the tourist town by the sea. When EM was under a year old she had 4 kittens, Polly was one of them and we adopted her along with a shelter cat named Pumpkin. One of Polly's brothers, Walter, definitely looked like a British Shorthair. He had numerous adventures with his Mom, Ellie May as they visited the shops, Inns, Hotels, restaurants and dock before she decided to move into our gallery and she became our Gallery cat! Oh dear, I'm getting sidetracked and could go on and on so I'd best stop here...
Back to Polly, it is amazing when I look at her kitten photos you can see what she was to become, it was all there.

Buskitten said...

Hi Nan,
Oh, and =^..^='s of course!
Waht an absolutely beautiful drawing of Polly when she was a baby kitten, and she is just as lovely now.
It's always great to read the blogs of fellow cat-lovers, as i think we are all pretty sound people, aren't we?!
Really enjoy your blog Nan,
Take Care

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks so much for visiting and appreciate the comment!
I think once people spend the time to be around cats they become hooked in a wonderful way!
Have you ever read the books by Peter Gethers, "The Cat Who Went to Paris" and "The Cat Abroad"? They are my favorites...Peter Gethers always disliked cats until he met a tiny Scottish Fold kitten, and he named him Norton. His life was changed forever! Hope you can find these books!