Friday, November 14, 2008

Catnaps and Art on a Rainy Day

All of my cats are napping on this cold, dreary
rainy day! Brody, the orange kitty, is out of sight
under a book shelf sound asleep.

Polly is very comfy in her basket lined with fleece.

Ellie May loves my old jacket that I leave out for
her at all times!

I think this portrait is nearly finished, will have
to leave it and return with fresh eyes...sometimes
just a few more details are needed.
Now on to the next one...

Oh, Brody is now awake and
downstairs on the couch!


quiltcat said...

It's grey and drizzly here, too, but relatively warm...50 degrees. The cats slept most of the day, forgetting that i was home. It looks like you interrupted Brody mid-bath! They do all look so warm and snug.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi quiltcat,
You're absolutely right, Brody was in mid-bath! D actually had made a sound with rumpled paper or plastic that really got Brody's attention. We have to hide every bit of plastic in our house for Brody eats plastic! He can even smell it and searches for it.
We have to be so careful.
Think it was around 50 degrees here to but the dampness makes it feel so much colder!