Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Again with My Kitties

Last night I returned home from a month long visit

in Connecticut to be with my parents. I was excited
to give Brody a gift from my sister, C.
It's a cat tent and he dove right into it, and twirled,
chased, and tried to eat the whiskers on the outside
of the tent!

This morning, Polly basked in the sun...

and Ellie May settled into her basket
as I tried to sort out my studio.

It's so good to be home to enjoy the
special and deep bond I have with my kitties.


quiltcat said...

Welcome home, Nan! That's a marvelous cat tent for Brody, and nice that he is enjoying it so much! Do you go to Milo and Alfie's site? Milo has a tent, which little brother Alfie keeps trying to's very funny. Very nice to see the girl kitties looking contented, too...Ellie Mae is definitely ready for you to spend some time in the studio.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi again. I have both your sites on my bloglist. I'll bet it feels great to be home with your husband and cats.